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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


So yesterday we just planted our potatoes and sweet potatoes.  We planted 2 varieties of sweet potatoes (Beauregard orange Sweet Potatoes and White O'Henery Sweet Potatoes), and 11 varieties of regular potatoes.  One thing is for sure we should have a lot of potatoes this year, and a large variety of them.  Here are all the varieties we should have this year:

Mountain Rose - Red inside and out (Grew last year)
Red Pontiac - Red outside white inside
Superior - White inside and out
Irish Cobbler - White inside and out (Grew last year)
Yukon Gold - Yellow inside and out (Grew last year)
Blue Potatoes - Blue inside and out (Grew last year)

French Fingerling - Pink on outside and Yellow on inside
Austrian Crescent - Yellow inside and out
Red Thumb - Red inside and out
Purple Peruvian - Blue (Purple) inside and out
Rose Finn Apple - Pink outside and Yellow inside

I am really excited to be able to offer a mix of fingerlings this year.  All together we planted almost 6 rows of potatoes, which is over twice what we did last year.  There should be a lot of potatoes!

I just thought these two looked so pretty together that I just had to take a picture.  Red Thumb Fingerling Seed Potatoes and Purple Peruvian Fingerling Seed Potatoes.

Rows of potatoes all ready trenched and planted.

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