Monday, July 13, 2015

Purple and Green Kohlrabi

Purple and Green Kohlrabi

Cooking Kohlrabi
Both the leaves and the bulb can be eaten.  Leaves can be used just as you would kale or collards.

I think that the purple and green kohlrabi taste the same, they also look the same inside.  The only difference that I noticed is I think it is easier to peel the purple kohlrabi than the green.  If you slice off the ends and then slice it in half, you can almost peel of the skin by hand, there will still be a little bit of strings left and you can then use a potato peeler to easily peel the rest off. 

 Many people say that kohlrabi tastes like cabbage, and it is a member of the cabbage family.  I think it cooks like, and can be used similar to potatoes and turnips, except it does not take as long to cook as potatoes do.

Kohlrabi can be eaten raw, boiled, sauteed, steamed, baked, boiled, grilled, or roasted.  
It is great for just snacking on raw, or can be grated and added raw to salads.
They can also be added to soups or stews.  
They can be boiled and mashed together with potatoes or turnips.  
We sliced some up the other day and grilled them with some other veggies and olive oil, when they were just browned, it almost tasted like a french fry.

I should still have kohlrabi available at my markets for at least the next couple weeks.  I am going to be starting some more plants from seeds very soon, so once my spring planting is gone, I hope to have some more available again in late summer.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What We Have Growing

I walked around the farm the other day when I was out there picking and took some pictures of some veggies we have growing.  Most of which should be available soon.

Red Malabar Spinach
This is not actually a true spinach plant, instead it is a heat loving vine, which can be used in place of spinach.  It can be used just like you would spinach, can also be stir-fried, or added to salads.

Bleu De Solaise Leek

Zebrune Shallot Onion

Purple Peacock Broccoli
A broccoli kale cross.  Can not wait to be able to harvest some of this.

Some of our tomato plants, even though it has been really wet they seem to still be doing ok.

Scarlet Kale
It is such a beautiful kale, with large leaves for a purple kale.  I have been picking this for the last few weeks, which I have been adding to my mixed kale bunches.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

What's For Dinner?

Here is what I had for dinner tonight.

Breaded walleye and beans with scallions and basil butter, and on the side a Lettuce Salad.

Almost everything we either grew or caught.  The lettuce of course is ours, and so are the beans (frozen from last year) the scallions and basil butter.  The walleye we caught from Lake Erie.


I will post the recipe for the Lettuce Salad soon.  Right now I have to go to bed since I have a very early day tomorrow of picking for Saturdays market, hope to see everyone there!

Brunswick Farmers Market

We had our first farmers market, for this year, at Brunswick this past Sunday.  Here are a couple of pictures from the market of our stand.

This Saturday and Sunday we should have available:
Just Lettuce Mix
Lettuce and Greens Salad Mix
Lettuce and Romaine Salad Mix
Lettuce and Endive Salad Mix
Looseleaf Lettuce Mix
Spicy Salad Mix
Ark of Taste Mix

Mixed Kale Bunches
Mixed Mustard Green Bunches
Swiss Chard Bunches
Collard Bunches
Bel Fiore Radicchio
Bagged Mixed Kale
Bagged Mustard Greens
Garlic Scapes
Scallion Bunches
Radish Bunches
Purple and Green Kohlrabi

Vegetable, Herb, and Flower Plants
Herb Hanging Baskets
Edible Flower Hanging Baskets
Tea Herb Hanging Baskets
Vegetable Hanging Baskets
Dahlia Hanging Baskets
Dahlia Tubers and Plants


Micro Greens
I also wanted to let everyone know that I just started a bunch of micro greens the other day.  They most likely will not be ready for this weeks markets, but the following week I should begin bringing micro greens to the markets once again.

As far as pasta goes, if you have been to one of our markets, you may have noticed I do not have pasta for sale yet.  No fear I will be starting to make some very soon.  Just been so busy lately I have not been able to start making it, but I am hoping to be able to whip up some pasta this coming week for next weeks markets.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pasta with Mustard Greens

Pasta with Mustard Greens

2 (8 oz. bags) kale rigatoni
8- 10 mustard green leaves (chopped)
2 scallions (chopped)
4- 5 garlic scapes (chopped)
1 lb. ground pork sausage
1/2 cup milk
4 tablespoons butter
1/2 cup parmesan cheese

Cooking Instructions:
Cook pasta according to package directions, and set aside.  Brown ground pork sausage with 2 tablespoons butter in a large pan until no longer pink.  Add scallions, garlic scapes, milk and remaining (2 tablespoons) butter; cook for approx 5- 10 minutes longer.  Then add cooked pasta, parmesan cheese, and mustard greens, cook for few more minutes, until the the mustard greens just begin to wilt.  Serve warm, and if desired you can top with parmesan cheese on top. 

Note: You could also use heavy cream in this recipe instead of the milk.  I just used the milk because when I made this I did not have any heavy cream.  If you are going to use the heavy cream I would add 1 cup in place of 1/2 cup milk.

Planting, Planting, and More Planting

We have been doing a lot of planting lately.  Yesterday we planted around 200 tomato plants and about 150 basil plants.  Below is a picture of most of our tomatoes, behind the tomatoes are hot peppers.

Scarlet Kale
A beautiful purple curly kale.
I will be bringing a bunch of this kale along with other varieties, to take to the markets this weekend and will be sold in mixed kale bunches.

Purple Kohlrabi
It is just starting to look like kohlrabi, I am hoping that I will be able to start picking some of the markets starting next week, we will see. 

Purple Peacock Broccoli
I am so excited to see how these turn out, it is a cross between broccoli and kale, so it sounds like a really useful and beautiful plant.
I got my seeds from Wild Garden Seeds, here is their description from their catalog:  "Our contribution to ongoing broccoli evolution; green beads, sweet purple stems, toothy red veined leaves that will make you think it’s Red Russian kale. Young leaves are salad-rate, and mature leaves are as sweet as any lightly steamed kale. Floret stems erupt first as loose heads of broccoli, followed by prodigious side shoots. These are sweet and non-biting as raw “dippers” and salad additions. This “eat everything brockali” comes from crosses between ‘Green Goliath’ broccoli and two kales. Farm Original Variety!"


Just wanted to let everyone know that Brunswick Farmers Market starts this Sunday.

Brunswick Farmers Market
11am - 3pm
Starting June 14th and runs thru October
Located at Brunswick Heritage Farm, 4613 Laurel Road, Brunswick, Ohio


Now Available
Mixed Kale Bunches
Mixed Mustard Green Bunches
Scallion Bunches
Bagged Kale
Bagged Mustard Greens
Garlic Scapes
Just Lettuce Mix
Lettuce and Greens Salad Mix
Lettuce and Romaine Salad Mix
Spicy Salad Mix
Lettuce and Endive Salad Mix
Loose Leaf Lettuce Mix
Ark of Taste Salad Mix
Herb, Vegetable, and Flower Plants
Dahlia Tubers

Coming Soon
Green and Purple Kohlrabi
Radish Bunches
Swiss Chard Bunches


Sunday, June 7, 2015

First Farmers Market of the Year

Yesterday (Saturday June 6th) was our first farmers market of the year at Valley City.  It feels so good to finally start going to the markets again.  Summer goes by way to fast and winter lasts too long.

We had plants (vegetables, dahlias, herbs), kale, mustard greens, scallions, and lots of lettuce.

You can come see us at Valley City Farmers Market from now thru October on 
Saturdays from 9am to 12 pm. 
 The market is located at:
Liverpool Township Depot, 6615 Center Road, Valley City, Ohio

It is now strawberry season at the market, so if you have a taste for fresh local strawberries, you will have to swing by the market soon and check out our fellow vendors.  You may also see other goodies such as bakery, cut flowers, plants, bird boxes, honey, rhubarb and more.
Also here are some more pictures from the farm:

The above is as picture of our bean area, only one row is coming up, but the rest will be up soon.  In this area I have planted, Dragon Tongue Beans (my personal favorite, yellow with purple stripes), purple beans, yellow beans, Rattlesnake Beans (green with purple stripes), yard long beans (green and red), half runner beans, and Tongue of Fire Beans (Green with red stripes).  Wow, that is a lot of beans!  I hope every one likes and is ready for some beans!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Farm Pictures

Kohlrabi, mustard greens (under row cover) and kale, with strawberries and and onions in the background. 

Onions and leeks under black fabric, with strawberries and greens in the background.

Beans and summer squash just planted.

Rows of greens, such as swiss chard (under row cover), kale, sprouting broccoli, collards, Purple Peacock (kale and broccoli mix), and parsley.

Plants at home most of which will be going into the ground soon.

 Lettuce and greens most of which are ready to be picked now.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sticky Traps

I use the traps to catch flea beetles, but have seen some other bugs on them before.  Mostly just fruit flies though, that I can remember.

What you will need:
~ Tree Tanglefoot
~ Florescent yellow paper
~ Sticks or bamboo (I usually use bamboo but just regular sticks are fine too)
~ Popsicle stick (to spread the tanglefoot)

Sticky traps are very easy to make, I just hate doing it because I do not like the sticky tanglefoot.  It is kind of like sap but it does not dry up, luckily it will wash off your hands with soap and water.  It is surprising that it does not dry up.  I have had this same container of tanglefoot for at least 6 years now, with a crack in it so it does not seal up well, and yet it has not dried up.

Now, on to how to make the trap.  I suggest to use the florescent yellow paper, I have tried orange before but it did not seem to work as well as the yellow.  I buy 8 1/2 x 11 paper and tear it in half.  All you have to do is take your piece of florescent yellow paper and put it on the stick or bamboo.

Then with the popsicle stick spread the tanglefoot on to both sides of the paper.  I try to spread it as thin as I can so the color shows through.

Finished product, all you have to do is stick it in the ground.  I usually put these traps under my row covers or in a high tunnel, and throw a few outside also.  They may not get rid of 100% of the flea beetles but do work pretty well.  Lets just say that I put my first sticky trap in the ground and by the time I got done making five more I looked at that first trap and there were already at least 4 flea beetles on it.  Any less flea beetles out there to eat my veggies is fine with me.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Planting Pictures, and How to Control Flea Bettles

Just thought I would post some pictures from the other day when me and Frank got some planting done.  We planted all plants, some kale, mustard greens and kohlrabi.  These pictures are from last Thursday May 14th. 

Frank is getting the hoops into the ground so that we can lay down the row cover.  You can barely see Frank and you can not see the hoops in the ground, but oh, well.

  Here we had just finished getting the row cover down when it was starting to get dark.  Just in time.  The row cover is covering a row of mustard greens.  It is a thin row cover, the purpose of it is not to keep the plants warm like you would usually use row cover for, but instead to keep insects (mostly flea beetles) from completely destroying the greens.  Flea beetles can be a real pain to deal with.  If you do not do something to protect plants such as mustard greens and eggplant, they can almost completely eat the plant to nothing.  The funny thing is flea beetles are just very, very tiny black bugs, it is unbelievable how much damage such a small bug can do.  So if your mustard greens, eggplant, radishes, turnips, kale, collards, kohlrabi, or a few other veggies, are getting eaten, and you see very little black bugs that jump really quick as soon as you try to touch them, you probably have a flea beetle problem.  Next time I am out there (today or tomorrow) I am going to have to make some sticky traps to put under the row cover.  No matter how fast you put the row cover up, and how tight you seal it there will be some flea beetles under there, and the sticky traps can help to get rid of them.  I will have to take some pictures and do a post on how I make my own traps.  

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

More Plant Pictures

Here are a few pictures I took about a week ago of some of my plants.  I have been transplanting like crazy and I have plants everywhere.  I can not wait till I can get some more of these plants in the ground.

Some kale plants that should hopefully be going in the ground very soon now.

Rhubarb plants that I started from seed last year.

Strawberry plants which are now in the ground.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Just thought I would post a few pictures. 

Some of my new strawberry plants that will be going into the ground this year, so hopefully I will have strawberries to sell next year.

A pallet full of potting soil, and my hoophouse behind it.

My hoophouse and my new shelf which I built a frame around and covered with plastic so I have more room for plants that need to stay warm. 

Inside my hoophouse.  Flats of greens above, and pots of rhubarb (that I started from seed last year) below.

Rhubarb plants I started from seed last year.

Up close of young rhubarb plants started from seed last year.