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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wishing Spring Were Here

It is right about this time every year that I start to get eager for the new planting season to be here.  I have got most of my seed orders together, of course every day I sit down to look them over, start looking at more things, and then start adding more to my orders.  Which is bad, I need to just send them in already! 

I already have some onions, leeks, strawberries, and herbs started inside under lights.  And within the next couple of weeks I will be starting some early peppers and tomatoes.  Also if I decide to grow eggplant I will have to start them.  I am not sure if I want to give the eggplant a shot again this year.  I have grown beautiful eggplant in the past, but the last couple of years I have had absolutely no luck, I may need a break from it for awhile.  It is still a toss up, because I have enough of seeds left over from previous years that I could give it a shot with out having to buy any seeds, but we will see.

Now that I am almost done with my seed orders I am going to have to get together a list of what I am planning on growing this year to post here.  In the meantime here are just some things that I have planned:

~ Yard Long Beans - Both red and green
~ Lots of Dragon Tongue Beans - Which everyone at the market seemed to love last year
~ I am debating on planting dry beans - kidney, garbanzo, and black
~ I have a good wide selection of winter squash and pumpkins picked out for this years planting
~ I am also debating on growing peanuts
~ I have some cool new varieties of kale, mustards, and collards that I am planning on growing
~ Lots and lots of herbs - I plan to have many types of herbs available both fresh and dried

Those are just some of the things that I am really excited about, like I said I will try to get the full list together very soon.