2015 Real Veggies Farm Pictures

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2014 Lettuce

This past Saturday I began picking lettuce for my first market of the year at Valley City Farmers Market.  This weekend I will have lettuce for both Valley City Farmers Market and the start of Brunswick Farmers Market.  Here are some pictures of the different varieties of lettuce that I am growing this year.

Romaine Lettuces:

The following lettuces are in my Ark of Taste Mix:


Salad Mixes Available for 2014:
Just Lettuce Mix
Ark of Taste Lettuce Mix
Spicy Salad Mix
Lettuce and Greens Salad Mix
Lettuce and Romaine Salad Mix
Lettuce and Spinach Salad Mix
Lettuce and Endive Salad Mix

Mr. Optimist Dahlia

I am so excited to have my first dahlia flower of the year.  It is called Mr. Optimist.  All I have to say is, isn't it beautiful!

I planted many different varieties of dahlias this year and should have a lot of beautiful cut flowers for my markets.  I can not wait to start picking them and bringing them to the market.  I love dahlias, they are so beautiful!