2015 Real Veggies Farm Pictures

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Chicken Noodle Soup

I have not done a post in a very long time, so since the other day I make a really good chicken noodle soup out of all our canned foods I figured I would do a post about my homemade chicken noodle soup.

All I had to do was throw everything together and heat it up.  First went in the two jars of turkey broth, which was made from the left over bones from our Thanksgiving turkey.  I also added vegetable broth, which was made from celery, potatoes, garlic and turkey broth, and about a pint of water.  Then I added the corn, and cut up about half the can of garlic scapes and added them too.  I then added the liquid from the canned chicken, cut up the chicken into bite size pieces and threw it in.  Last I added the beans since they are canned and already soft and I did not want to them to boil for too long.  I cooked up the pasta separately and added it to the bowl before eating.

That was it, and it was soooo good!

Left to Right
Pickled Garlic Scapes, Corn, Canned Chicken Breasts, Mixed Beans, Vegetable Stock, and Two Cans of Turkey Stock and in the front Garlic Rigatoni Pasta