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Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Dried Mixes Now Available

This year we now have a new product available, our dried seasoning mixes.  Since it is a new product this year we will slowly be adding new mixes and new dried items throughout the season.  Right now we have available: Dried Scallions, Dried Mustard Greens and a Dried Greens and Garlic Mix, which contains Mustard Greens, Kale, Swiss Chard and Garlic Scapes.

These can be used for so many things you can basically throw it into your favorite dish.  They are great for adding to a dish that may be to liquid and need some thickening, since they are dried and will soak up liquid from what you are cooking.  It can be added to soups and stews for this purpose or even if you are making a stir-fry and it needs some thickening.  These seasonings would be great added to pastas and also one my favorite ways to use greens, by adding them to scrambled eggs.  The dried scallions would also make a great addition to dips just be sure to let them soak for a little while.

So don't forget to check out our new item at Valley City Farmers Market and keep checking back for our new mixes that we will be adding throughout the season.

Market Pictures

Here are some pictures from the farmers market today.

Valley City Farmers Market
We are the second table from the left

One of our tables at the market

Monday, June 11, 2012

First Farmers Market of the Year Pics

Here are some pictures from Saturday's farmers market at Valley City.

 Our bagged lettuce and greens salad mixes.
This week our mixes included our Just Lettuce Mix, Spicy Salad Mix, Lettuce and Greens Mix, 
and our Ark of Taste Mix.  We also had spinach, mixed kale, mixed mustard greens and a couple of other
individual bagged lettuce varieties.

 Mixed varieties mustard greens bunches and mixed varieties kale bunches.

Picture of our table at the market.

We should have available at the next market:
Red, White, and Yellow Scallion Bunches
Garlic Scapes
Mixed Mustard Green Bunches
Mixed Kale Bunches
Swiss Chard Bunches
Yellow and Green Snow Peas
Beet Bunches
Bagged Salad Mixes:
~Just Lettuce Mix~
~Spicy Salad Mix~
~Lettuce and Greens Mix~
~Ark of Taste Mix~
Bagged Spinach
Bagged Mustard Greens
Bagged Kale
Peanut Butter Dog Treats
White Sandwich Bread

Monday, June 4, 2012

What We Should Have Available This Year

I just thought I would make a list of what we should have available this year and about when you can expect them to show up on our table at the market.

What We Should Have Available For the First Market
Saturday June 9th at Valley City Farmers Market
~Mixed Kale Bunches
~Bagged Salad Mixes (including Just Lettuce Mix, Spicy Salad Mix, Lettuce and Greens Salad Mix, A Little Bit of Everything Mix, and maybe some others)
~Mustard Green Bunches
~Red, Yellow, and White Scallions
~Bagged Mustard Greens
and some other vegetables and also breads.

Coming Soon!

~Red and White Kohlrabi 

~Beets (Many different varieties, including common red, orange, dark red, oblong, and some with rings inside)

~Yellow and common green Peas
~Rats Tail Radish – a radish that does not have an edible root instead the seed pod is eaten
~Cauliflower, Broccoli, and Cabbage (different varieties and colors)
~Swiss Chard, Collards, and Kale Bunches
~Yellow, Red and White Onions
~Basil Bunches (around a dozen different varieties of basils, just some include: lemon basil, cinnamon basil, purple basil, blue spice basil- which is my personal favorite, anise basil and of course your common sweet basil)

Coming in Early to Mid July

~Sweet Peppers (green, yellow, purple, chocolate, orange, and red bell peppers, banana peppers, mini bell peppers, paprika peppers and many more)
~Hot Peppers (many different varieties, we are growing some new very hot peppers this year, including the hottest pepper in the world)
~Summer Squash and Zucchini (many, many varieties, including your common zucchini and yellow squash, yellow, white and green patty pan squash, yellow, dark green, and light green round zucchinis, and many more)
~Potatoes (many different varieties and colors including: Blue Potatoes- yes they are actually blue inside, La Ratte Potatoes- fingerling potatoes, Irish Cobbler Potatoes- a white potato, Bintje Potatoes- a yellow potato, Sangre Potatoes- a red skinned white flesh potato, Russet Potatoes, Yukon Gold Potatoes, and Mountain Rose Potatoes- a red inside and out potato)  *Some varieties may be available later than other varieties, since they all have different maturity times.
~Okra (many different varieties including: your common green okra, smooth non ribbed okra, a long light green okra, red, and a green and red okra, plus a couple other varieties also)

Coming in Late July Early August

~Beans (Many different colors including:  common green, yellow, purple, and striped)
~Eggplant (Many different varieties and colors, long skinny, round, small varieties, white, purple, green, striped, and many more)
~Heirloom Tomatoes (So many varieties I could not possibly name them all, there are about a dozen different cherry tomatoes varieties, including yellow, pink, green, brown, purple, orange, and striped tomatoes, plus red purple, black and yellow pear tomatoes, we also will have slicing tomatoes of many different colors, paste and roma tomatoes, and a couple different varieties of stuffing tomatoes)
~Common and White Sweet Potatoes

Coming this Fall

~Pumpkins and Winter Squash (So many different varieties I could not possibly name them all, I guess you will just have to wait and check them all out in the fall;)
~Popcorn Corn

Some New Things For This Year

~Dry Beans
~Celery (common green, red, cutting- smaller and thinner than common celery, and rooted celery or celeriac)
~Cucumbers (a couple of new different varieties including a lemon cucumber)

*All availability times are approximate some things may be available earlier and some later.  Every year is different, depends on the weather, growing conditions, and when things get planted.