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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hot Peppers for 2012

Last year was one of the first years that I really grew a larger variety of hot pepper, and since they seemed to sell reasonably well I figured I would grow even more this year. I know most people seemed to interested in the hotter peppers so this year I kept that in mind while deciding which peppers I was going to grow. Here is a list of a bunch of the hot peppers that I plane to grow for this year.

*Jamaican Red Pepper
The package reads "If you have a passion for heat, this is the pepper to grow!" This pepper is said to be 50 times hotter than the Jalapeno. The Jamaican Red is a close relative to the Habanero. 100,000- 350,000 scovilles.

*Habanero Mix Hot Peppers

*Chocolate Habanero Pepper
Chocolate brown habaneros, that are about 2" long. Measure in at over 300,000 scoville units.

*Lightning Mix Peppers
A habanero type of pepper, which is very hot. Come in a variety of different colors, including red, yellow, green, peach, brown, orange, mustard, and coffee tones.

*Tabasco Pepper
Yellow hot pepper usually under 2 inches long which ripens to red. Very hot pepper used to make, can you guess it? Tabasco Sauce! 30,000 to 50,000 scovilles.

*Bhut Jolkia Pepper
Also known as Ghost Pepper. May possibly be the worlds hottest pepper, measuring over 1,000,000 scoville units.

*Lemon Drop Pepper
A yellow when ripe chilli pepper, with a unusual citrus flavor. 5,000- 15,000 scoville units.

*Cayenne Peppers

*Jalapeno Peppers

I may plant a couple other varieties, but it all just depends on how much planting room I end up having in the end. Any other varieties that I plant will probably not be any super hot types. I may plant a hot pepper that can be used as a stuffing pepper. But we will see.

I thought this was interesting it is a link to the wikipedia's explanation of scoville scale, just in case anyone is interested in what exactly it means. It is kind of interesting.
Wikipedia- Scoville Scale

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