2015 Real Veggies Farm Pictures

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What We Have Growing

I walked around the farm the other day when I was out there picking and took some pictures of some veggies we have growing.  Most of which should be available soon.

Red Malabar Spinach
This is not actually a true spinach plant, instead it is a heat loving vine, which can be used in place of spinach.  It can be used just like you would spinach, can also be stir-fried, or added to salads.

Bleu De Solaise Leek

Zebrune Shallot Onion

Purple Peacock Broccoli
A broccoli kale cross.  Can not wait to be able to harvest some of this.

Some of our tomato plants, even though it has been really wet they seem to still be doing ok.

Scarlet Kale
It is such a beautiful kale, with large leaves for a purple kale.  I have been picking this for the last few weeks, which I have been adding to my mixed kale bunches.

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