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Monday, July 13, 2015

Purple and Green Kohlrabi

Purple and Green Kohlrabi

Cooking Kohlrabi
Both the leaves and the bulb can be eaten.  Leaves can be used just as you would kale or collards.

I think that the purple and green kohlrabi taste the same, they also look the same inside.  The only difference that I noticed is I think it is easier to peel the purple kohlrabi than the green.  If you slice off the ends and then slice it in half, you can almost peel of the skin by hand, there will still be a little bit of strings left and you can then use a potato peeler to easily peel the rest off. 

 Many people say that kohlrabi tastes like cabbage, and it is a member of the cabbage family.  I think it cooks like, and can be used similar to potatoes and turnips, except it does not take as long to cook as potatoes do.

Kohlrabi can be eaten raw, boiled, sauteed, steamed, baked, boiled, grilled, or roasted.  
It is great for just snacking on raw, or can be grated and added raw to salads.
They can also be added to soups or stews.  
They can be boiled and mashed together with potatoes or turnips.  
We sliced some up the other day and grilled them with some other veggies and olive oil, when they were just browned, it almost tasted like a french fry.

I should still have kohlrabi available at my markets for at least the next couple weeks.  I am going to be starting some more plants from seeds very soon, so once my spring planting is gone, I hope to have some more available again in late summer.

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