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Sunday, June 7, 2015

First Farmers Market of the Year

Yesterday (Saturday June 6th) was our first farmers market of the year at Valley City.  It feels so good to finally start going to the markets again.  Summer goes by way to fast and winter lasts too long.

We had plants (vegetables, dahlias, herbs), kale, mustard greens, scallions, and lots of lettuce.

You can come see us at Valley City Farmers Market from now thru October on 
Saturdays from 9am to 12 pm. 
 The market is located at:
Liverpool Township Depot, 6615 Center Road, Valley City, Ohio

It is now strawberry season at the market, so if you have a taste for fresh local strawberries, you will have to swing by the market soon and check out our fellow vendors.  You may also see other goodies such as bakery, cut flowers, plants, bird boxes, honey, rhubarb and more.
Also here are some more pictures from the farm:

The above is as picture of our bean area, only one row is coming up, but the rest will be up soon.  In this area I have planted, Dragon Tongue Beans (my personal favorite, yellow with purple stripes), purple beans, yellow beans, Rattlesnake Beans (green with purple stripes), yard long beans (green and red), half runner beans, and Tongue of Fire Beans (Green with red stripes).  Wow, that is a lot of beans!  I hope every one likes and is ready for some beans!

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