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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pasta at the Market

So it has been quite a while since I have done a blog post, and since this year has been a very strange year (bad year as far as vegetables go), I thought I had better get everyone up to date.  Anyhow we had gotten quite a lot of rain in a short period of time out at the farm, which is why our table at the market does not look anything like it normally would this time of year.  Our vegetables are way behind, which is why the past few weeks I have not been able to bring much of anything as far as vegetables go (if anything at all) to my markets.

But, I have been bringing a wide selection of homemade pasta to the market.  I have been making pasta for myself at home for quite some time now, and have always wanted to start selling it at the market, but just have not done so.  With all the problems I have been having out at the farm this year it seemed like the perfect opportunity to start selling pasta.

I have been adding new varieties of pasta every week, and now have quite a variety available. 

Rigatoni Pasta
Garlic Rigatoni Pasta
Basil Rigatoni Pasta
Paprika Rigatoni Pasta
Lemon Pepper Poppy Seed Rigatoni Pasta
Poppy Seed Rigatoni Pasta
Cajun Rigatoni Pasta
Whole Wheat Rigatoni Pasta
Garbanzo Fava, Flax Seed Rigatoni Pasta

Cinnamon Rigatoni Pasta
Chocolate Rigatoni Pasta

Garbanzo Fava, Flax Seed Macaroni Pasta
Macaroni Pasta

As far as my vegetables go here is some of what I hope to have soon:
~ Potatoes I have just started digging and will have a variety of fingerlings (blue, red, pink, and yellow)
~ Sweet Potatoes (Common variety and yellow)
~ I should have my lettuce mixes available again around the middle of next month
~ Radishes, beets, and turnips should also be available around the same time as the lettuce
~ Zucchini and Summer Squash - I have over a dozen different varieties coming soon
~ Dragon Tongue Beans - A favorite at Valley City Farmers market (yellow beans with purple stripes)
~ Yard Long Beans (green and red)
~ Slicing Tomatoes (many different varieties and colors)
~ I am hoping to have okra, sweet and hot peppers soon 

Sadly due to the rain there are a lot of things that I just did not get planted, and a lot of things just died on me completely, such as my winter squash and pumpkins which I never did get planted due to lack of time in between frost and lots of rain.  

I just wanted to thank all of my customers for their patience this year, I have some really great customers that have been very understanding and I know have been eagerly waiting for my vegetables to start coming in again.  I just wanted to let everyone just how much I do appreciate all the wonderful customers that I do have.  

Thank you to all of my customers

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