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Sunday, June 30, 2013

2013 Farmers Markets

Just thought I would do a post about our three farmers markets that we are attending this year.  This year we are selling at Valley City Farmers Market on Saturday, Brunswick Farmers Market on Sunday, and Akron General Farmers Market on Tuesday.

Valley City Farmers Market
This is the 6th year that we have sold at Valley City Farmers Market.
It is on Saturday from 9am till noon and is located at Liverpool Township Depot
6615 Center Road, Valley City, Ohio

Our table at Valley City Farmers Market

 A view of Valley City Farmers Market

Brunswick Farmers Market
This is the first year for Brunswick Farmers Market, so it is still growing and every week there has been new vendors attend the market.
It is on Sunday from noon till 4pm and is located at the Brunswick Heritage Farm
4613 Laurel Road, Brunswick, Ohio

 Vendors at this market set up both outside of the barn and inside the barn.  Our first week at Brunswick Farmers Market we set up inside the barn but now we have been setting up outside.


Akron General Farmers Market
This is our first year at this market and I believe the 3rd year for the actual market.
It is on Tuesday from 3pm till 6 pm and is located at Akron General Medical Center
4125 Medina Road, Akron, Ohio

Our table at Akron General Farmers Market

 A view of some of the vendors at Akron General Farmers Market

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