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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Brunswick Farmers Market

Here is a article form the Brunswick Sun Times about the Brunswick Farmers Market that will be beginning this Sunday June 16th.

Here is a link to the actual article: http://www.cleveland.com/brunswick/index.ssf/2013/06/brunswick_area_growers_will_br.html


Brunswick area growers will bring harvest to Heritage Farms

'Sam' Boyer, Sun News By 'Sam' Boyer, Sun News
on June 07, 2013 at 7:27 AM

The first Farmer’s Market sponsored by the Brunswick Area Historical Society is beginning to take shape, according to Joyce Petchler, treasurer of the Historical Society.

The Farmer’s Market will be held from noon to 4 p.m. Sundays starting June 16 at Heritage Farm, 4613 Laurel Road, which is about a half-mile west of Pearl Road. “This is our first year, so everything is new to us and I hope people will take that into consideration,” Petchler said.

Added City Manager James Lukas: “This is a long-awaited and requested event for the community. Over the past two years, I have been frequently asked about how we can get a farmers market established for the convenience and health of our residents. Bob McCafferty approached me about this a year or so ago and took the lead on an initial farmers market. And now, what a great opportunity to expand it even further! In working together with our Historical Society, this is another win-win — it will provide our residents with healthy choices in their purchases and the Historical Society with another means to raise funds for their project.”

McCafferty helped the Society with its initial setup and lots of great advice.

Several vendors have already committed to coming to the market including April Barszcz, of Real Veggies Farm. A Brunswick native, Barszcz not only has almost always had a garden at her family’s home but has a two-acre garden in Lafayette Township where she grows a huge variety of vegetables.

“I’ve always loved farming,” she said, “and a few years ago I began to think about selling because I had so much extra.” She now is a regular at the Valley City Farmers Market on Saturdays and said she is excited that she’ll be doing the same in her home town.

In the first few weeks, there will be limited produce from local growers but Barszcz will have a variety. “Of course due to unpredictable weather and bugs nothing is 100 percent guaranteed, but as of now I should have lots of lettuce and bagged salad mixes for the first week. Those include: just lettuce mix, lettuce and greens salad mix, looseleaf lettuce mix, lettuce and herbs salad mix, arc of taste lettuce mix, spicy salad mix, a little bit of everything mix, bagged salad and stir fry greens, spinach, kale bunches, Swiss chard bunches, mustard green bunches, collard bunches, white, yellow and red scallions, garlic scapes, yellow snow peas, basil (10 different varieties) such as sweet basil, lemon basil, opal (purple) basil and cinnamon basil, parsley, sage and other herbs, celery, herb jellies and red onion jelly.

Learn more about her farm at realveggiesfarm.blogspot.com/.
Another vendor coming from Broadview Heights is Frank and Lily Handmade Soap, a small, family-owned business whose mission is to make really great soap. “Officially begun in 2012, we have grown due to the loyalty of our fabulous customer base,” explains Bob Reszler, who, as a middle school teacher, occasionally received gifts from appreciative students and their families. One particular gift that generated plenty of curiosity on Bob’s part was handmade soap. He found it so much better than the ordinary store-bought brands. A constant tinkerer at heart, Bob decided to investigate what made these handmade soaps different. Two years of research, investigation and test batches finally produced the wherewithal to become a professional saponifier ( someone who turns the raw materials of soapmaking, into to soap, and sells it in the marketplace).

“As for the name, how does someone named Bob come up with Frank and Lily? During one of those family brainstorm sessions,” he said, “we were discussing the options, none of which were conjuring up consensus. As puppies do, Frank and Lily, both less than six months old, were demanding attention. Someone suggested Frank and Lily and the rest is history. It just clicked! Since then we have conjured up 72 varieties bar soap, arranged into four categories based on the soap base formula.”

More is available at the website frankandlily.com.
Vendors are welcome to just come, sign in and set up. Members of the Historical Society will be in the barn starting at 11 a.m. to sign people in. Cost is $5 per week for vendors (there is no admission charge for shoppers). For both vendors and buyers, there is plenty of free parking on either side of the farmhouse.

For more information about the market or to request information on becoming a vendor, call 330-558-6894 or e-mail brunswickareahistory@gmail.com.

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