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Saturday, January 7, 2012

More Manure

Today I was able to get two more truck loads of manure. It does not look like much in the picture, but there is actually more than there may seem, and hopefully I should be able to get more before spring.

Sadly winter has not even really begun and I am already wishing that spring was here, looking around at everything wishing I could start working the land already. Unfortunately the ground is a little (that is an understatement) too wet and spring is still quite a ways off. One thing is for sure I just got new tires for my truck about 6 months ago and I am really glad I decided to get mud tires, if it was not for those tires who knows how many times I would have gotten my truck stuck in the mud this year.

In the picture below the area that is covered with straw is part of the area were my garlic is planted.

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