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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hauling Manure

Last weekend I was able to get a couple loads of alpaca manure and today I got a couple of loads from a different place. It looks like quite a bit when you are standing next to it, but unfortunately 4 loads of manure does not go too far when it comes to planting 2 acres. But something is better than nothing right? Hopefully some time this week, I will be able to pick up at least a couple more loads, before I wash my truck. My poor truck is covered in mud, manure, and now thanks to the little bit of snow we got this week, SALT! I hate salt, it can rust out a perfectly beautiful old truck in no time. That is why I try not to drive my truck during the winter time. I love my old truck and besides the extended cab panels the body is pretty much rust free, and I have been doing some work on it to try and keep it that way. Of coarse the salt likes to work against me. Anyhow back to the manure, even though what I have gotten so far may not seem like much, I am glad I was able to get what I have. Hopefully it will be worth all the work it took to haul it.

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