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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Okra and Diabetes

I was reading a book about nutrition and food, and read in it that okra can be useful in regulating diabetes. So of course I had to go home and do some research online. I found some very interesting information about taking two pieces of okra cutting off the ends, cutting them in half and soaking them overnight in a glass of water. In the morning you remove the okra and drink the water. I read online on several different sites where people have commented that they have tried this and it has actually gotten rid of their diabetes or lowered it considerably.

I guess I should have mentioned first off that one of my dogs actually has diabetes. This is why I was particularly interested in okra helping with diabetes. About a month ago I tried this for almost a week with my dog, Copper. I did not want to give it to him for too long since I was not 100% sure okra really is the best thing for dogs, found some info online suggesting that it may not be. Anyhow for the past week Copper's sugar has actually been below 200, it has even been below 150 half the time. His sugar is usually around or above 250, so it has definitely been unusually low. Whether it is the okra that has helped or something else, I thought it was something that was interesting enough to mention.

I will make sure I post updates to let everyone know how things go with Copper.

Okra also has been said to help with many other health conditions including digestive disorders.

Here are some links with some interesting info about the benefits of okra (especially raw okra).

Something2Share Blog - This is one of the first sites I came across when I started searching for info on okra. The comments at the end are interesting, a bunch of people commented on how it helped them.Link
Health Benefits of Okra

NaturalFoodBenefits.com - Okra

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