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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Crazy Weather

Yesterday I picked almost a whole row of young cabbage, that filled up one and a half giant coolers.  I would not have picked it but since we have been getting so much rain lately I was afraid if I did not pick it I would soon loose it because of all the water that is sitting in between the rows.  Normally at this time of the year all my vegetables would be done for the year, due to the cold weather.  Not this year, this year in January instead of loosing everything to the freezing cold, I will most likely end up loosing everything to the excessive rain.  You never know what the weather may bring.

 Lots of Water
but I still have turnips, radishes, kohlrabi, pac choi, kale, and scallions
and at home I have lettuce, arugula, romaine, mustard greens, collards, and more kale.
I look at this picture and it reminds me more of spring more than winter.

Here is a picture of the same area without all the water, taken about a month ago.

One cooler full of young cabbage, that I will be making into sauerkraut today.
This will be my first time making sauerkraut, I will have to do a post if it comes out good.

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