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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Time for Planting

Before we know it the market season will be here, right now it is time for planting and to prepare for this growing season.  I have already gotten a few things in the ground and very soon (hopefully this coming week) I will be planting most of my cold weather crops.  Of course all this rain that we got yesterday does not help planting.  I know everything seemed pretty waterlogged yesterday.

It is a little hard to see from this picture but past my truck and the apple tree is my garden at home, in which I plant all my lettuce.  I have not planted my lettuce yet but will be very, very soon, or at least I hope, everything depends on the weather.

Greens in my hoop-house that will be planted outside, and will be cut and sold in bunches.

It is hard to believe that Valley City Farmers Market should be starting in less that 2 months.  I will post the exact date that is will be starting as soon as I find out.

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