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Sunday, January 29, 2017

White & Whole Wheat Swirl Bread

Just thought I would let everyone know about the new bread that I started making and selling this fall, White & Whole Wheat Swirl Bread.  Ingredients in this bread are:  All purpose flour, whole wheat flour, milk, shortening, sugar, molasses, salt, and yeast.  This is a two tone bread, two different types of dough, a white dough and a whole wheat dough, are rolled up together to create a beautiful swirl look when the bread is sliced.

It is a nice bread because it has a good amount of whole wheat flour in it, but it does not have a super strong whole wheat taste, and it is not dry like a lot of whole wheat breads are.  It makes a great sandwich bread, great for toast, with peanut butter, and is basically a good all purpose bread.  I made some tuna salad the other day, and I think this bread is my favorite to eat with the tuna salad. 

If you come to one of our shows (we will be starting up again in the beginning of March) you will most likely find this bread, and many other types of bread, for sale at our table. 

I am going to start booking shows for this spring within the next week, so be sure to check back to see where we will be selling starting in the beginning of March, until our farmers markets start in the beginning of June.

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