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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Potting up Dahlias

So today I spent most of my day in my hoophouse dividing and potting up some of my dahlias.  I would say I probably got about 1/3 of them potted up.  I probably have 2 or 3 more days of potting up dahlias to go.  Unfortunately I will not be able to pot up anymore until I know that the weather will be a little warmer.  All the dahlias that I potted up today I have in my basement, due to the weather this week it just seems too risky to keep my dahlias out in my hoophouse, since I do not want them to rot or freeze.

The dahlias that I potted up today.

The plants that I currently have in my basement.

The dahlias that I potted up today are:  Kelvin Floodlight, Elks Jack Sparrow, Santa Claus, Mr. Optimist, Firebird, Hakayou, Patches, Black Satin, American Beauty, Magically Dun, Sky Angel, and a couple of other ones that I do not know what the names are.

I just can not wait for this

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