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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving is Almost Here!

So today I spent some time getting ready for Thanksgiving.  I made pumpkin bread for my pumpkin bread stuffing, I cooked up some more pumpkin for my pumpkin pie that I will be making tomorrow, and I made some winter squash cookies out of some left over winter squash puree.

Tomorrow I need to make the pumpkin pies and prep the turkey, which I have to pick up tomorrow.  This year our turkey will be coming from Brown Brothers Chicken Farm in Paris, Ohio.  I meet Bill Brown of Brown Brothers up at Akron General Farmers Market, since he was selling right next to me this year.  He has really good chicken so I am excited to be getting a turkey from him this year.

Everything that we cook for Thanksgiving is something that I grow.  It is nice because we do not have any shopping to do before Thanksgiving other than to pick up a lemon for the turkey.  Of course I did have to get some eggs and the turkey, but they both came from someone I know.

Another cool thing is when I cook up my pumpkins I either save the seed for planting or for eating, of coarse I use the puree for whatever I am going to cook with it, and I save the skins to feed to my worms.  Absolutely no waste other than the stem, which does go into the trash.

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