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Monday, June 11, 2012

First Farmers Market of the Year Pics

Here are some pictures from Saturday's farmers market at Valley City.

 Our bagged lettuce and greens salad mixes.
This week our mixes included our Just Lettuce Mix, Spicy Salad Mix, Lettuce and Greens Mix, 
and our Ark of Taste Mix.  We also had spinach, mixed kale, mixed mustard greens and a couple of other
individual bagged lettuce varieties.

 Mixed varieties mustard greens bunches and mixed varieties kale bunches.

Picture of our table at the market.

We should have available at the next market:
Red, White, and Yellow Scallion Bunches
Garlic Scapes
Mixed Mustard Green Bunches
Mixed Kale Bunches
Swiss Chard Bunches
Yellow and Green Snow Peas
Beet Bunches
Bagged Salad Mixes:
~Just Lettuce Mix~
~Spicy Salad Mix~
~Lettuce and Greens Mix~
~Ark of Taste Mix~
Bagged Spinach
Bagged Mustard Greens
Bagged Kale
Peanut Butter Dog Treats
White Sandwich Bread

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