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Monday, May 7, 2012

Pictures - Cold Crops Planted

Here are a couple pictures of some of what I have planted so far.

To the far left (in the above picture) I have a bunch of stuff that I started by seed, including peas, turnips, beets, radishes, and carrots, there is also a row of onions.  The row that is almost in the middle of the picture are cabbage, broccoli and some cauliflower plants.  Under the row cover I have mustard greens and kale.  I covered them with the row cover to protect the plants from bugs and deer.  Then to the far right you can see some of my garlic.

What I planted from seed was kind of slow coming up for a while, since I planted it just before we had some cold weather.  Luckily it was cold but not wet if the ground would have been wet the seeds probably would have rotted, but they are coming up good now, so hopefully I should be alright.

I have all my lettuces planted elsewhere at home, once everything gets bigger and picture worthy I will post a picture of my lettuce area.

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