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Monday, June 3, 2013

Memorial Day Planting

I just realized that I did not do a post about our Memorial Day planting.  This year it was actually kind of sad because Memorial Day was pretty much the beginning of our warm weather crop planting, that is besides one row of beans, potatoes and sweet potatoes.  The real depressing thing was that this year we had a frost two days in a row, just a couple of days before Memorial Day.  Even thought we had really warm weather just before those last two frosts I just had a felling that we were going to get a late frost this year, which is why I had not really started planting any of my warm weather crops as early as I normally do, and boy was I glad I hadn't.  Anyhow here are some pictures from how we spend our memorial day.

Frank planting cherry tomatoes (somewhere around 200 plants)

Everything in this picture was planted on Memorial Day weekend, basil, cherry tomatoes, mustard greens, celery, and swiss chard.

Frank cutting hops for the row covers to go over.

Plants in picture from left to right
One row of collards, two rows of kale, swiss chard under row cover, then tomatoes.  Celery, mustard greens and basil are also planted in this area you can not exactly tell, but they are in the picture.

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